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Do You Have a Sensational Idea For a New TV Show, Feature Film, Short Film, Documentary or a Blockbuster Movie? Think You Have a Hot New TV Format That Will Wow Audience?

If you do, The Lone Wolf Productions proudly accepts proposals. So why leave your project out in cyberspace where it can lay dormant, waiting to be discovered? Submit your proposals and ideas to The Lone Wolf Production, where we can actually do something for your career!

TLWP Submission Policy

From time to time, we issue an open brief. In this case, the TLWP will specify the type of content that it is looking for, and any qualified company or industry professional can send through their content proposal before the stated deadline. It is also possible to submit a content proposal to us, outside of an open brief. It will be processed as an unsolicited proposal.

Please note that your proposal must be sent to us electronically through the button link on this page. You can fill in the details of your proposal and will be required to accept the terms and conditions. Should we be interested in your submission, we will contact you to engage further. However, if you do not receive a response within 30 days, please consider it unsuccessful.

For any other questions regarding our Corporate Media Files, branding guidelines or otherwise concerning submission of scripted or unscripted properties, please contact us directly. Thank You.

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